Firenze- Day Two

Day two in Firenze started early. You have to turn in your key at the front desk each time you leave. We woke the 24 hour receptionist when we dropped off the key. Dolora and I had to unlock the large wooden door to get out. We are staying at the Hotel California. At 6:30, we were able to take photos of the Duomo and Baptistry without crowds. The Duomo is a massive Gothic cathedral done in green and white marble. The Baptistry has incredible bronze doors by Ghiberti. Then it was back to the hotel for breakfast.

We were at the Uffizi when it opened at 8:15. Dolora and I enjoyed paintings by Giotto, DaVinci, Raphael, Titian and Michelangelo. (Reminds you of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Botticelli’s Birth of Venus is there. Everyone will recognize that. As you know, I am not a big art person but I found it interesting to see paintings in person that i recognised by the masters. I am not sure why, but the paintings seemed to have three subjects, religious, portraits of the wealthy and powerful, or Greek mythology. I cannot understand the Greek mythology being a popular subject???

The Galileo Museum was just around the corner. Along with lots of scientific paraphernalia, the museum has a couple of his fingers and a tooth on display. Just a little unusual. I have spared you any photos of that.

Also nearby is the Palazzo Vecchio Museum. Along with fancy rooms, the draw for us was the tower climb of only 418 steps. The climb was well worth the short wait. There were great views from all four sides. Since the theme of this trip has been steps and gelato, it was time for a gelato after all those steps.

Off to Mercato Centrale and the outdoor leather market. The Central Market has a huge food court, Italian style. The leather market had lots of booths with haggling going on. From there, back to the hotel for a short break before dinner. While at the hotel, we had about a five minute downpour, our first rain of the trip during the day.

Dinner was out a local recommended chain, Eataly, since our first choice did not have seating until ten. After last night, we needed a lighter meal. After dinner, a short browse through the attached store and then calling it a night. Tomorrow, it is off to Assisi.

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