Roma to Manassas

It was early to bed last night for Dolora and I since we had a five a.m. taxi to get us to the airport. It was no surprise that there was little traffic at that hour. Our taxi driver told us that it was the most dangerous time to drive. Without all the traffic, people ignored the traffic lights. The taxi was an Audi… Dolora was able to see the speedometer and tells me that we were going 130 kph, 80 mph. The Rome airport was well organized and we had plenty of time to catch our eight o’clock flight to London. Airport breakfast was inexpensive and tasty.

After a short stop in London for the royal wedding (We were on the ground just over an hour in London.), it was our final flight to Dulles airport. We had to go through security a second time in London. Things moved well but our gate was a tram ride away and we only had an hour. Everything worked out with the flight being on time. Our British Air 747 was in the air for over eight hours making it nice to get on the ground again. The British Air flights were roomier than my previous United flights. BA fed us often but it was airplane food… We zipped though Customs using the Mobile Passport app and Joel picked us up and the door and delivered us home.

The grass is about a foot tall but so is all the neighbors’ grass. It rained most days in Manassas while we were away. We only had one cool, rainy day while in Italy. Perfecto! All of a sudden, the trees have leaves. I guess that happens when you are gone for two weeks.

We are looking forward to sleeping in our own beds but not looking forward to jet lag.

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