Roma – Day One

This morning, We packed our bags and took them out to a van. Then it was off to breakfast. While we were having breakfast, luggage was loaded on the bus. After breakfast, we headed down to the bus. We stopped for lunch at Chef Express, similar to the Auto Grill but not as nice. Shortly after, we were in Rome. Traffic in Rome is everything you heard and more. I am amazed that i have not seen an accident. Crossing the street is an adventure. It was about three blocks from where the bus dropped us off to the hotel. Rome is flat compared to what we have seen the last two weeks.

After checking in, we were in search of a pass for the Colosseum and Forum. Our street crossing strategy is to follow someone who looks like a native! Passes in hand, we took about a thirty minute walk to the Colosseum. Amazing. To think that the Colosseum could seat fifty thousand people and empty in fifteen minutes and this was two thousand years ago. The outside is marble but the interior structures are brick and cement. I remember seeing a tv show about the system under the floor. There were eighty elevators to raise animals, people, gladiators or sets. When the Colosseum opened, over two thousand animals and people were killed for “entertainment”.

Next up, the Forum. I guess I thought of the Forum as a building. It was really the city center with the market, temples, palaces and government offices. The shear size of the structures is overwhelming. It is hard to believe that such knowledge and skill existed two thousand years ago then virtually disappeared during the dark ages. Gelato on the way back. A light dinner of pizza and rest up for tomorrow. The Vatican is on the schedule.

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