2018 AT – Day Nine – One Hundred Miles

Thursday, 7 June

Destination: Carter Gap ShelterToday’s Miles:12.5
Start Location: Muskrat Creek Shelter

It never did get cool last night. Stayed comfortable, another dry day. I spoke to a couple of folks at the shelter before leaving. A girl from New Hampshire came in late. She was hoping to get to the southern end of the AT in her section hike but probably will miss by about twenty five miles. She has to get back for a job.

I got out about 7:45. Compared to yesterday, today was a breeze with no killer climbs. I was tired at the end of the day. I am looking forward to a zero, day off, on Saturday in Franklin, NC. Passed only a few hikers this morning. Jungle Jim was getting off.

I passed one hundred miles early this afternoon. After passing two couples and one of the guys who was at the shelter last night, I got to Carter Gap Shelter. A young girl, Mary, was here. She had a fire going and was burning trash from under the shelter. There was a shredded tent and a bunch of opened food. She wanted to reduce the critter attraction to the shelter since she’s staying in there tonight. The guy who was at the shelter last night came in and shortly after the two couples I had passed. Another girl, a college soccer coach, with her dog, Helen, is also nearby. Angie and Theresa just rolled in and are setting up. I’m getting hungry so I guess it’s time to figure out dinner.

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