2018 AT – Day Twenty Eight – More Rain

Tuesday, 26 June

Destination: Sam’s GapToday’s Miles: 11.2
Start Location: Flint Mountain Shelter 320.5

Under 150 miles left until Damascus.

It was not a good decision to tent last night. There were only two people in the shelter with room for eight. About four in the morning the rain started. It thundered and lightening ⚡ for a while. I delayed getting up. I packed up most of my stuff and took the pack to the shelter. The section hiker had already left. Jared, the thru hiker, was planning to spend the night at the same hostel, Mother Marion’s Hostel. We tried to coordinate the hostel shuttle. I stuffed a wet tent in my pack and headed out just after eight.

The morning was misty when it was not raining. There were a couple of hard downpours. It finally cleared in the afternoon. I got to Hogback Ridge Shelter, took a break and called the shuttle. The shuttle just pulled in as I got to the parking lot. I am at Mother Marion’s Hostel tonight, so far with Jared. It is the comfortable downstairs of a house. Bunks, showers and laundry. I am drying out my gear. The only downside is the limited resupply items, Clif bars and peanut butter crackers. At least I have some spare dinners that I have been carrying. More frozen pizza for dinner.

The thunderstorms have changed my plans for tomorrow a bit. I will do a short day to the shelter so I will not have to pack a wet tent. Then a longer than planned day to the next hostel. Dry is worth it.

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