AT – Day Thirty Five – Hot, Hot, Hot!

Tuesday, 3 July

Destination: Moreland Gap ShelterToday’s Miles: 18.4
Start Location:Elk Park, NC – Mountain Harbour Hostel

Today was my longest day so far, over eighteen miles. The spacing of shelters and hostels sort of determines my daily distance since I want to be able to sleep dry in the case of a thunderstorm. Mountain Harbour hostel is known for its all you can eat breakfast. As much as I desire bacon and eggs, I had to pass. Breakfast was at eight which meant not getting on the trail until nine. Since I would be hiking at much lower elevation, I knew it would be warm today. I could have five miles done before nine while it was a little cooler. So I was off at six thirty.

Today had no long or steep sections compared to the last couple weeks. Legs and lungs were not the issue today but the heat was by the afternoon. I passed a bunch of hikers heading south in the morning, only one older lady hiking north in the afternoon. Fortunately, there is lots of water so I stayed hydrated and took frequent breaks. There were nowhere near the views of the views of yesterday.

I got to the shelter about three. There are three guys here. Two look like they are hammocking and were trying to boil water over a fire. The other guy, Wet Dog, had his tent set up in the shelter but took it down. The lady, I passed, Pathfinder, came in here as well. The guys are all a little shady looking but probably so am I after five weeks. I am in my tent near the shelter.

I figured out another source of stink today. I was showered and had clean clothes on this morning. When I put my pack on, I realized that the shoulder straps stink. Getting that clean gives me something to figure out when I get home.

It is into Boots Off Hostel tomorrow. This will be my last hostel and resupply before Damascus. Plan is to be in Damascus on Saturday unless rain ⚡ or heat change the plan.

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