2019 Egypt – Day Nineteen – Münchner Christkindlmarkt

Tools, all made out of chocolate.

Saturday, 30 November

Slept in a little this morning. I have a more comfortable pillow. I had done a little checking last night and there are multiple Christmas markets across the city. One has a medieval theme. Today is a bit colder than yesterday, high of forty one but there is no wind and the sun peaked out a few times in the morning. I mapped my Christmas markets for the day. Mostly, there are food stands and glühwein stands. The markets did not open until eleven. I started my trek when the market opened. Lunch was a fried beef steak with onions on a roll from a stand. It was well seasoned and pretty good. 

Spent the rest of the afternoon walking around. The Christmas markets are a mass of humanity on the weekend. I should tried to make some plans to hike with Frank instead of the Christmas markets. I picked up a banana and a walnut bread from Aldi for lunch tomorrow at the airport. Universally, the food at airports is expensive and not that good. A mixed platter of something and some roasted chestnuts for dessert was dinner. It was back for an early evening to pack and take a shower. I will get up at four thirty to catch a five o’clock train to the airport. My flights have a three hour layover in Zurich, then on to DC where Dolora will pick me up at the airport.

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