2020 Appalachian Trail – Day Eight – Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes Me Happy

Wednesday, 30 September

Destination: Curry Creek Campsite (738.3)Today’s Miles: 9.9 (0.2)
Start Location: Bobblets Gap Shelter (748.2) 70.2 (3.4)

Numbers in parenthesis after Destination and Start Location are northbound mileage markers as listed in the 2019 Northbound A.T. Guide. Numbers in parenthesis after Today’s Miles and Trip Miles are off trail miles to shelters and campgrounds.

The rain continued last night until about midnight. The shelter was cozy but not uncomfortable. If we had one more hiker, it would have been a little tight. There were four high school grads from Connecticut. They were talking a gap year because of covid then heading to Columbia, Georgia, UConn and Emory for college. Three of the four were on the track team. The solo hiker, Wedding Walker, is from Chicago. He is the same age as Bob and I again. Weird how we meet hikers exactly our age. They all headed out before us. The gang heading north and Wedding Walker going south to Daleville. Bob and I are also finishing in Daleville but taking an easy two days to get there.

Last night was the coolest night on the trip, just perfect for sleeping. I slept well and Bob said he did too except for the guys on either side of him scoring. I happened to be on one side! As miserable as the weather was yesterday, it was that nice today. Blue skies, sixty, and a breeze. Fantastic hiking weather.

With no rain in the forecast, we decided to camp next to Curry Creek. No shelter or privy nearby but plenty of water. We stopped for lunch at Wilson Creek Shelter and took a long break. Getting our wet shoes and socks off for a while felt fantastic. Got to our campsite around two thirty, set up and relaxed.

Tomorrow is about an eight and a half mile hike to Daleville where our trail angel, Dolora, will meet us about noon. Lunch is planned at the nearby Three Little Pigs barbecue and then heading back to Manassas. Looking forward to another nice day, good food and a hot shower.

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