2020 Appalachian Trail – Day Four – Sunshine

Saturday, 26 September

Destination: Harrison Ground Spring – Campsite (775.1)Today’s Miles: 9.4 (0.0)
Start Location: Matts Creek Shelter (784.5) 33.4 (0.4)

Numbers in parenthesis after Destination and Start Location are northbound mileage markers as listed in the 2019 Northbound A.T. Guide. Numbers in parenthesis after Today’s Miles and Trip Miles are off trail miles to shelters and campgrounds.

There was a hard rain until after midnight. Yesterday, Bob and I had set up our tents during a lull. Since it was raining so hard, we just stayed in our tents and ate a cold dinner.

There was one hiker who had stayed in his hammock near the shelter. The shelter stayed empty. Today started with a 2,200 foot climb, at least it was over six and a half miles. We completed our 9.4 mile day with another 1,000 foot climb. Tonight we are at Harrison Ground Spring, above 3,300 feet. Water had to be scooped and the campsites are not great but it is over four miles to the next camping. But the sun finally came out as we were setting up camp. Feels like it will be a nice cool night.

We passed an interesting group going north today. About a half dozen guys and girls, some in military garb, some in civilian gear with a hat that had some military camp name. The last guy had a radio, first aid kit and AR-15 rifle with a big clip. Hmm!

Also passed two couples with three teenage girls who were backpacking along with a few other day hikers. It looks like we are camping alone tonight. The hot dinner was especially tasty after last night.

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