2020 Appalachian Trail – Day Six – Middle Creek Campground

Monday, 28 September

Destination: Middle Creek Campground (758.4)Today’s Miles: 8.2 (1.3)
Start Location: Cornelius Creek Shelter (766.6) 50.1 (1.8)

Numbers in parenthesis after Destination and Start Location are northbound mileage markers as listed in the 2019 Northbound A.T. Guide. Numbers in parenthesis after Today’s Miles and Trip Miles are off trail miles to shelters and campgrounds.

After Bob and I had settled into the shelter, as it was getting late another hiker showed up to share the shelter. Ama is a Korean man the same age as Bob and I, 63. He offered us some cognac as he was putting his dinner together. He has a dry cleaning business in DC that includes the Secretary of the Treasury as a customer.

I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and could not help notice all the stars in the clear sky. Bob described then as looking like LEDs in a Christmas tree. The stars were awesome even though the trees.

Everyone was up before the sun. We had our breakfast and coffee getting on the trail by seven fifteen, our earliest start yet. A campground with burgers and maybe a cabin is a good motivator.

Today’s climbs were only 400 and 800 feet. We did have a 1.2 mile road walk off the trail to get to the campground. We were greeted by an older woman, Janie, on an electric bike. She gave us our overnight options and apologized for the store not being open. Janie lives here all summer and helps out. Bob and I decided on a cabin. Janie offered to go back and get us two cold Yuengling beers. We could not refuse, today was probably the warmest so far. Turns out the cabin has air conditioning, a stove, refrigerator and a couple of beds. No running water but the bathhouse is near.

We settled in and took nice hot showers, first in nearly a week. Around four, headed over to the store for resupply and the most wonderful bacon cheeseburger with onion rings. I had to add some chocolate peanut butter ice cream for dessert. Bob had a chocolate cupcake. While we were there, we did our laundry. Clean clothes and a shower! The folks staying in the campground have been friendly. A young couple backpacking came in after us but they are tenting.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for pretty much rain all day. We plan to hike anyway. It will be warm and our destination is another shelter where we can be sure to dry out. Only two more nights after tonight.

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