2021 Appalachian Trail II – Day Two – One Hundred Miles

Tuesday, 25 May

Destination: Hertline CampsiteToday’s Miles: 9.6
Start Location: Eagles Nest Shelter 18.6

When Bob and I started our hike out of Port Clinton there was a steep climb straight up without switchbacks. Switchbacks are a zigzag up or down the mountain. Switchbacks make the climb longer but less steep. As slow as we go up both Bob and I prefer steep climbs over steep descents. It feels like it is easier to slip going down. No real plan but both of our AT hikes climbed up from Port Clinton, north and south.

Last night was our coolest night and best sleeping so far. We were cozy inside our tents a little earlier than usual. It looked like about a dozen hikers camped in and near the shelter. We were out by 7:30 in the cool overcast morning. Today’s ten miles were mostly flat with more of the Pennsylvania rocks. At least there were no loose boulder fields like north of Port Clinton. Only about one northbound hiker per hour came by. Many less hikers than yesterday.

Bob and I arrived at Hertline Campsite about 1:30. It is the site were there used to be a shelter. It is along a stream and there are two tent platforms. We went a little further and found a nicer campsite right next to the water. The sun came out and it got warmer after we stopped. Perfect timing.

After setting up tents, we congratulated ourselves. Bob and I have backpacked 100 miles so far in 2021! Then it was time to filter some water. Nothing tastes as good as fresh filtered cold spring water. Camping next to the stream gives us a chance to really wash up and change into clean clothes. The sound of the water also makes for sound sleeping. There is a neat log flume someone made. Not sure how the photo will be. After dinner we took a short walk down the trail to see if anyone was camping there. Empty. Bob had seen a pond below when scouting out a campsite. We walked further down and saw a pond with an old dam. There were campsites around and rope swings. Nice but not as nice as our site with streams on both sides.

We have about five and a half miles tomorrow to Bob’s car. Tomorrow’s hike requires some strategic planning. The temperature is forecast to be 80 by noon so we would like to get an early start and avoid the heat. My truck is in Port Clinton where the Port Clinton Hotel and Restaurant happens to have hiker sized cheese steaks waiting for us. The restaurant does not open until 11:00. Too early and we wait to eat, too late and we hike in the heat. Such problems.

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