2021 Tuscarora Trail – Day Three – Barclays Run Shelter

Thursday, 20 May

Destination: Barclay’s Run ShelterToday’s Miles: 8.8
Start Location: Basor Ridge Shelter 24.4

Bob and I did not put the flies on our tents last night since we knew it works be warm and almost no chance of rain in the HR forecast. Sleeping was pleasant and we were up early since we knew we had nearly seven and a half miles of road walking to start the day. We were hiking right after seven.

The highlight of the road walk was the dozen or so cows in a field that followed us along the road. Shortly after we turned off the road and into the woods, we decided on an early lunch at a creek crossing. The crossing looked iffy on getting across without wet feet. Bob and I put on our camp sandals to cross stopping on the other side to put our hiking shoes back on. The cold water felt good on our feet.

As we entered the woods, we had a discussion about hiking to the next shelter since it was so early. That would add another six plus miles to our day and most of that would be uphill. It was a little after eleven when we finished lunch and started up. It took less than fifteen minutes in the sun to decide that it was okay if we arrived at the shelter around noon. Temperatures in the mid eighties.

There is another nice shelter here. There are wooden platforms for tents. This might be a little problem if we planned on putting rain flies on the tents. With warm temperatures and little chance of rain again, we did not use the flies. The spring is not great but it is water and it seems better than yesterday’s spring. Another bear pole so we are getting spoiled.

Bob and I spent the afternoon solving the world’s problems and relaxing with afternoon snacks and catching up on our hydration. Freeze dried dinners and inside tents by seven to hide from the bugs. Still warm. The Kindle is nice when you crawl in before you are ready to sleep.

Tomorrow should all be trail with no roads. All uphill though, a shorter day and the trail guide promises a waterfall near the shelter.

Looks like cell service is good here. Photos from previous days were you’ll uploaded but you have to go to the bottom of each day’s post to see that day’s photos.

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  1. Diane says:

    You should have ask one of the 🐄 cows for some milk for your morning coffees!🤣

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