2021 Tuscarora Trail – Epilogue

18-22 May

Destination: Dry Gap
Start Location: Hampshire Grade Road 41.2

The Tuscarora Trail turned out to be as uncrowded as Bob and I had hoped for. Five days with only two day hikers before finishing the last two hours.

The road walking was not planned as well. In hindsight, I did not pay enough attention to the detail in the guide and on the map. Where roads were identified in the guide, I mistakenly assumed road crossings.

Shelters and tent areas were very clean and well maintained perhaps because of low use. Almost all of the trail was well marked which was important because there were sections that had not been maintained in a while with grown up brush and blow downs. There were stretches without water but there was water where indicated in the guide.

The weather was dry without morning dew. Sunny blue skies for the entire trip. This is a beautiful time of year to be outside enjoying Mother Nature’s rebirth and see the contrast from our hike a month earlier. It is a treat to see a single lady slipper orchid. We saw dozens.

Another wonderful trip with a great friend and hiking partner soon to be followed up by a short Appalachian Trail jaunt.

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  1. Diane says:

    Good memories with a great friend.
    I really enjoyed the pictures.

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