2021 Allegheny Front Trail – Day Two – Six Mile Run

Monday, 19 July

Destination: Six Mile Run CampsiteToday’s Miles: 9.9
Start Location: Benner Run Campsite 19.0

Last night was great for sleeping. The clouds finally broke, Bob and I saw a little sun before it got dark. Low temperature was 54 degrees so it was pleasant.

We woke up to sunshine. Coffee, breakfast and taking our time, we were hiking about eight. The trail continued through laurel thickets barely wide enough to squeeze through. We came to Black Moshannon Creek. There was a large cabin next to the bridge. The trail followed the creek and then headed up through the woods. We followed a nice dirt road for a while with occasional blueberry breaks.

Bob and I missed a vista that was on the map and arrived at Moshannon Creek, affectionately known as “Red Mo“. The creek is red, really rust colored, because of acid mine runoff. Even expecting this, it is a shocking sight. We followed Red Mo for a couple miles before coming to Six Mile Run, our planned destination for the night.

Bob and I passed up a couple campsites looking for one shown on the map. Somehow we missed the campsite. We ended up hiking a bit further hoping to find a site not on the map. We turned a corner and found a great site after our second long day. There is a road across the creek and we do see an occasional car. Another chance to wash up in the stream.

Today we hiked 9.9 miles with 1,300 feet off ascent with ten temps in the low 70s. Today’s creatures included a chipmunk and an unidentified snake that I stepped over and Bob noticed. No other hikers all day. There were a few bugs while hiking but we are enjoying our second evening of no insects.

Tonight was freeze dried dinners. Not as good as last night. Looking forward to another good night’s sleep to the sound of the creek.

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