2022 Egypt – Day Eleven – Calm Winds

Friday, 22 April

Today started with the calmest wind so far. There are a few clouds in the sky. Sleep was not as good last night. There is a bit more commotion now that all the rooms seem to be full since the dive club arrived yesterday. I was awakened around 1:30 by some conversation outside my window. A short while later it was the sound of rolling suitcases and more charter. I am sure someone was happy to finally get their suitcases but I could have used my beauty sleep.

Nicole arrived at breakfast a few minutes after me. We had considered a morning dive but decided that some rest of naps this morning might be a better idea. She had not slept well either. The rooms on either side of us both are now occupied. Until you have neighbors on either side you do not realize how much quieter it is.

While I was catching up on my newspaper Nicole came by to say that she was not up to a dive today. The temperature is about perfect for a shaded spot on the beach. I think the opportunity to look through my Red Sea fish identification book. I identified many on the fish I have seen but lots more are unidentified. I was able to get several hours into the next Travis McGee book in the series. This one involves South American artifacts and a murder.

DInner. Nicole still has a headache but is feeling better after a couple hours of sleep during the day. Early night for me. The internet is often spotty here so it may be that A Deadly Shade of Gold, the Travis McGee, book is calling me before I nod off. Really calm tonight.

Neil Young – “It’s better to burn out than to fade away.”

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