2022 Egypt – Day Nine – Hermit Crabs

Wednesday, 20 April

The wind continued overnight and into the morning with gusts over twenty miles per hour creating whitecaps in the bay. Breakfast with Nicole was plenty of coffee, an omelet and assortment of fruit, cheese and vegetables. We decided it was a little rough for a dive and agreed to meet for a game of pool.

I was quite happy to agree to a game of pool since my success was better there than at chess. We uncovered the pool table and set up the rack only to see the cue ball roll away from the wind. Since a game of pool with moving targets did not have any appeal, I reluctantly agreed to another game of chess. It seemed like it started off well. Our games have begun to be a little longer with more experience. I wish I could say it ended well – but Nicole won back one of her ice creams.

Nicole had a video call with her boyfriend Frank and then we took a walk south on the beach. We passed the Coral Sun Beach resort. This is a bit bigger than the Coral Beach Dive Center resort. Further down the beach is a path lined with discarded shoes that washed up on the shore. We were on the search for the elusive hermit crabs. No crabs at our first and second stop. Jackpot at our third stop. There were at least a hundred hermit crabs of all sizes scurrying towards the water. Nicole quickly christened this stretch as Hermit Beach.

Coffees and an ice cream for me after our walk back. Like most things here even ice cream is a different experience. It immediately fell off the stick. The ice cream consistency is more like a chocolate mousse, kind of soft. You can never go wrong with chocolate even if I did have to eat it a little faster than I would have liked.

More hiding in the shade at the beach and reading. Because of the six hour time difference, by the afternoon I can read my daily US newspaper. My beach read is “The Quick Red Fox” by John D. MacDonald. This is one of a series about a detective, Travis McGee, that takes place in the early sixties. Entertaining and fun. I was only able to make it about an hour on the beach. The wind is enough to make you have to cover up which defeats the purpose of being by the water.

The dinner buffet rotates weekly. Since I arrived last Wednesday this was my first repeat. The salads seem to differ a little and the desserts a lot. The entrees repeat. Tonight was beef and gravy over rice and fried calamari. The good news is that all the food is tasty.

Tonight we tried something a little different, a coffee after dinner. Coffee is not available at dinner in the dining room. Nicole and I shared coffee at the outdoor bar. Tonight’s entertainment was the Oscar winning movie CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). This is a nice feel good movie. Knowing some American Sign Language (ASL) might help and I was wondering if closed captions would include the sign language? It is still pretty easy to get the idea of what the characters are signing.

Still windy. Tomorrow at breakfast we will make our Thursday plan.

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  1. Diane says:

    You go girl! Congratulations, again Nicole. 🎉
    Sorry Cous. We ladies need to stick together. 😁
    Even though you don’t always get to do plan A, you make the most of the day with good food and great conversations. Enjoy the rest of your time.

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