2022 Appalachian Trail I – Day Thirteen – Trail Magic

Monday, 30 May

Destination: Stream (1388.0)Today’s Miles: 10.4
Start Location: Wildcat Shelter (1377.6) 127.5

Although the low temperature overnight was 49 and sleeping was good, the morning was already warm and humid. Our gear dried out nicely. Food survived the night in the bear box even though it had holes in the bottom to that looked big enough for mice to get in.

Bob and I were out about eight after bandaging his hand at the shelter picnic table. We started with a short remberence in honor of Memorial Day. In less than two miles we came to a waterfall. Time to rinse some clothes and drink up again. Then it was THE SIGN. A sign said trail magic in 5.2 miles until 3:30 but with no date. Trail magic is when someone does something special for hikers without expecting anything in return. It can be a cache of water or food or even a ride. Since our luck had not been great we tried not to talk about it but it was on our minds. We did some walking over boardwalks and saw many Lady’s Slippers.

However, what New York falls lacks in elevation changes it makes up in rocks. We had a couple of places with hands and knees crawling up and at the end of the day one treacherous descent. It was brutal in the heat. Temperature was up to 83.

Back the the trail magic. When Bob and I arrived at East Mombasha Road – Paradise! Four or five guys provide trail magic each weekend. Today was their first time this year. We got there a little after noon. There were all kinds of trail snacks for the taking, water and a grill. French toast for me, blueberry pancakes for Bob followed by a hot dog each. They also had massive cheeseburgers but that was a little much. Chocolate chip cookies for dessert, a few snacks for our packs and we were on our way, up, up. Up.

We met a military veteran who is carrying about a three foot log with him. He has carried from Georgia. We were told that you can Google “Larry the Log”and read about him and donate to veterans organizations. A female hiker, Fire Light, that we have camped near came in while we were there.

Our campsite tonight is in Harriman State Park near NY87 so we have the sound of traffic tonight but there is water nearby. As we were looking where to set up our tents a three foot black snake crawled by. We watched it climb a tree and later go near Bob’s tent. Our tents will be zipped tight tonight. Bob and I saw our first snake, a garter snake earlier today.

It should be dry tonight but very warm. Tomorrow is about ten miles to a shelter.

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  1. Diane says:

    Loved the trail magic💕
    Did NOT like the black snake.

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