2022 Appalachian Trail I – Day Two – Leroy A. Smith Shelter

Thursday, 19 May

Destination: Leroy A. Smith Shelter (1276.9)Today’s Miles: 9.4
Start Location: Tentsite (1267.5) 16.4

Last night Bob and I had a harmonica serenade as it was getting dark. At sunset the rain began. It rained steady all night stopping at sunrise. The overnight low was 50. One of my tent stakes pulled out and helped me slide a little on the slight incline but I stayed dry.

We awoke to a foggy morning, had coffee and breakfast then started packing. We were waiting for Dolora’s cousin, Tom, to meet us at our campsite. I received a text from Tom that he had passed our site and was 1.2 miles down the trail. Bob and I finished packing wet tents and were hiking a little before 8:30. We met Tom after about ten minutes.

It stayed foggy and in the 50s for most of the day not clearing until after noon. Not too many ups and downs or rocks today. Only 770 feet of ascent in a little over nine miles. Probably about a dozen or so other hikers.

We arrived at Leroy A. Smith Shelter about 2:30. There is a large tenting area with nice flat spots. Tom stayed and chatted for about another hour before leaving. Tom had another five miles to hike to his bicycle and then a fifteen mile bike ride back to his car. It was nice to have a visitor on the trail.

Good water was not too far from the shelter. Bob and I washed up and filtered water. As we were having dinner other hikers began to arrive. First a group of three, then another couple and then another lady, so we will have company again tonight.

The weather forecast is for a dry night! It should be cool and comfortable for sleeping. Tomorrow is a longer day so we hope to get an early start.

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  1. Diane says:

    Enjoyed the pictures.
    You might have some warmer weather coming up this weekend.

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