2022 Appalachian Trail I – Day Twenty Three – Mount Algo Shelter

Thursday, 9 June

Destination: Mount Algo Shelter (1471.2)Today’s Miles: 8.6
Start Location: Ten Mile River Shelter (1462.5) 210 6

There is a grassy field in front of the Ten Mile River Shelter and last night it was filled with fireflies. It was like watching twinkling stars there were so many. Bob tented while I was in the shelter. The torrential rains started around two am until six thirty. Bob sent a text from his tent that he would be over to the shelter when the rain let up. He headed over and we had breakfast. Bob stayed mostly dry in his tent but had a wet tent to pack. We were in no hurry today with eight and a half miles to the next shelter plus a stop to resupply. We were out at 8:30.

Several other hikers we had talked to stayed in the campsite a tenth of a mile north. Everyone seemed to have gotten wet. The Ten Mile River had risen over night but the trail was not as wet as expected. We saw a heron on the river before heading up.Today’s highlight was Bulls Bridge, a one lane wooden covered bridge. It was off the trail on the way to our resupply at the Bulls Bridge Country Store. Another sandwich for lunch and dinner but this was prepacked so does not count as another deli!

After leaving the store and getting back on the AT we crossed back into New York and then back into Connecticut leaving New York for the last time and crossing another state off my list. Bob was hiking in front of me and stopped. He pointed to a three foot rattlesnake stretched out across the trail. I took a picture and we have it plenty of room by going off the trail to pass.

There are about a dozen hikers camped around the Mount Aglo Shelter tonight. This is the biggest crowd we have seen since the Scout troop. There are lots of nice tent sites with water and a bear box nearby. The downside are the gypsy moth caterpillars here. They are everywhere and falling out of the trees.Tonight should be good sleeping if the crowd is quiet. Cool and dry with the sounds of the stream. Tomorrow our last full day out and will be a mile less than today. Getting to the end…

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  1. Diane says:

    Loved the video of the firefly. That’s a great memory you’ll have.

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