2022 Appalachian Trail I – Epilogue

18 May – 11 June

Destination: Hitching Post Country Motel (1482.5)
Start Location: Lehigh River South Bank (1260.5) 222.0

On Sunday, Bob’s wife, Janice, and daughter, Nicole, picked us up at the Hitching Post Country Motel in Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut, for our return to civilization. With the Saturday night stay at the motel we were showered with clean clothes.

Bob and I hiked 222 miles over 25 days, averaging 9.3 miles per day hiked. We had one zero day. We ascended over 40,000 feet or nearly one and a half times the height of Mount Everest. We ate lots of pizza and deli food.

Below are some links to plants and animals seen in the photos as well as links to other items mentioned in the narrative.

Below the links is a table showing daily mileage with links to maps of each days hike.




Click on the GPS Link to see a map and other statistics of that day’s hike.

GPS LinkStopMilesITD MilesEndGPS MilesAscent
1260.5 Lehigh River South Bank
Day 11267.57.07.0Tentsite7.022116
Day 21276.99.416.4Leroy A. Smith Shelter9.77771
Day 31290.513.630.0Kirkridge Shelter12.511388
Day 41301.711.241.2Backpacker Campsite
Day 51307.55.847.0Mohican Outdoor Center6.151017
Day 61317.610.157.1Tentsite11.131509
Day 71328.510.968.0Green Anderson Shelter11.781755
Day 81334.56.074.0Deckertown Turnpike6.241012
Day 91341.57.081.0High Point Shelter7.151201
Day 101353.812.393.3Pochuck Mountain Shelter12.661604
Day 111365.411.6104.9Wawayanda Shelter12.782576
Day 121377.612.2117.1Wildcat Shelter13.321946
Day 131388.010.4127.5Stream10.642398
Day 141398.310.3137.8Old Mining Road10.742516
Day 151407.08.7146.5Bear Mountain Bridge Motel8.772192
Day 161407.00.0146.5Bear Mountain Bridge Motel0.000
Day 171413.96.9153.4Graymoor Spiritual Life Center6.891630
Day 181422.08.1161.5Dennytown Road Campsite8.562142
Day 191432.710.7172.2RPH Shelter10.901893
Day 201444.511.8184.0Small Stream Stealth Site12.632779
Day 211458.313.8197.8Wiley Shelter13.912464
Day 221462.54.2202.0Ten Mile Shelter4.61735
Day 231471.18.6210.6Mount Algo Shelter9.372241
Day 241478.47.3217.9Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter7.881670
Day 251482.54.1222.0Hitching Post Country Motel5.83902

Bob’s Photo Album

Photo Album

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