2022 Appalachian Trail II – Day 1 – Welcome to the Whites

Tuesday, 16 August

Destination: Madison Spring Hut (1867.1)Today’s Miles: 7.8
Start Location: Joe Dodge Lodge (1874.9) 7.8

Wedding Walker arrived last night just after eight. He settled in and had some dinner. We turned in early planning to have breakfast when it opened at 6:30. Well the breakfast croo was a little off. Breakfast was about fifteen minutes late. Scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage and pancakes. That and coffee hit the spot.

Back to the room for final packing and we were hiking at 7:30. There was a scale at the start of the trail. I am carrying 22 pounds with food and water, Wedding Walker 30 pounds.

The weather was beautiful, sunny and about sixty degrees. The first four miles were not too bad, some short steep sections. We passed many northbound thru hikers. We are heading south. The last three miles were brutal. Over 3,000 feet of ascent getting above tree line. WW and I went over the peak of Mount Madison at 5,366 before descending 500 feet to Madison Spring Hut, our destination. We arrived about three and got our bunk assignments.

The bunk room has six sets of triple bunks, two on the third level, twenty four to a room. There is one smaller room, total capacity is fifty two. Not sure it will be a quiet night. WW and I snagged a bottom bunk and one up. I don’t think anyone wants one on the third level. There are a couple of bunk rooms. One of the croo said there will be about forty five people here tonight. There is cold water and a composting toilet. Solar panels provide some lighting but no other electricity.

At 5:30 one of the croo members, Tom, gave a talk about how the huts are “green”. Dinner was at six, minestrone soup, bread, salad vegan tacos and finally coffee and applesauce cake served family style. The croo entertained as they served.

Lights out at 9:30. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not too good considering our seven miles are all above tree line. We may try to get an early start and try to beat the high winds.

No cell data tonight so this is posted late. Not sure if photos will be posted with this update.

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  1. Liz says:

    Hi Al!
    Happy to get to read about your experiences on the trail again. Sounds like your off to a good start.
    Thanks, Liz

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