2023 West Virginia – Day 1 – Dolly Sods

Monday, 5 June

Destination: Red Creek CanmpsiteToday’s Miles: 1,4
Start Location: Bear Rocks Parking 1.4

I left Manassas a little after eight, stopping for gas and a hoagie for the drive to Dolly Sods. The last five miles were a gravel road that was a little rough in spots. Bob showed up a few minutes after me just before 11:30.

After having half of our hoagies and splitting a beer for lunch we finished stuffing our backpacks. A lady with a family who was leaving offered us some homemade cinnamon rolls. That was dessert.

Our campsite was only a mile and a half from the road so we were in no hurry. Temperature was in the low sixties and sunny, perfect. We are camped next to Red Creek under some spruce trees.  We had the other half of our subs for dinner along with a creek cooled beer. We watched hikers going by in both directions and saw a small water snake go by.

Bob brought along his chair and left his stove behind for an even weight exchange. He plans no hot meals. Bob will be envious of my hot coffee while I eye his comfortable chair sitting on the ground.

Tonight is supposed to be cool and it got chilly as the sun got low. Crawled in a little before sunset to get settled.

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