2024 Old Loggers Path – Day 2 – Doe Run Shelter

23 April

Destination: Doe Run ShelterToday’s Miles: 11.2
Start Location: Sprout Point Vista 17.3

Last night Bob and I were able to watch the sunset from our campsite. We gathered wood and had a small campfire. The temperature got down to 35 degrees overnight. We thought we heard trucks on the highway from the vista but there was no highway in site. After listening to the droning all night we realized the noise was coming from drilling equipment for fracking in the valley below. The equipment was lit up and ran all night.

Since we spend most of the time near 2,000 feet in elevation, there is very little green. We can see the green on the trees working its way up the mountains when we have views.

Yesterday the woodpeckers entertained us. Probably more bird life at that campsite than we usually see in a week. Overnight a whip-poor-will made itself known. Only a few calls in the night. We saw a turkey during today’s trek.

Today’s hike was over 11 miles with over 2,100 feet of ascent. Bob and I saw no other hikers. Today’s trail included old logging roads, old railroad beds and a number of switchbacks, our most challenging day.

Our snack stop was at Sharp Top Vista. It was windy but we had a nice view and could look back to where we had camped last night. Next up was a steam crossing at Pleasant Stream. There was no bridge nor rocks to cross. I zipped off my pants legs, making shorts, took off my socks and removed the shoe liner to cross. The water was really cold. My trail runners dry pretty quick after reassembly. Bob wore his Crocs. We stopped for lunch on the other side.

Our destination for the night is Doe Run Shelter. We set up tents outside in back of the shelter. We have been carrying two beers to enjoy with dinner. Last night we were near water to cool then. Tonight the beers went in Doe Run to chill with dinner. A nice treat with a freeze dried dinner.

Tonight should be about 10 degrees warmer, at least that was the last forecast we saw. There are a few raindrops falling as we settle into our tents for the night.

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