Dolora and I have made plans to visit Italy with a Rick Steves tour.

My Way® Italy in 13 Days

Quite the trip but unfortunately, no visit to Anzi, birthplace of my grandfather. Stops include:

  • Venice (Venezia)
  • Varenna – on Lake Cumo, Italian Lakes District
  • Monterosso al Mare- Cinque de Terre, Italian Riviera
  • Florence (Firenze)
  • Assisi
  • Rome (Roma)

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  1. Bruce Fielder says:

    Hi Al. I enjoyed reading about your trip especially because my wife and I are taking this same My Way trip this coming May 2019. I was curious about the dinners you had with the tour group. I thought that the My Way format didn’t include dinners with the group. Is joining the group for dinner an option? Thank. Bruce Fielder, Amarillo, TX.

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