Venezia – Day One

Well, we made it. The line for security seemed a little long for an early afternoon, but it moved. The flight from Dulles to Dublin landed on time even though we left almost an hour late. The flight to Venice also left late but made it on time.

It took nearly three hours to get from the airport to the nearby hotel. We didn’t park at the terminal but out on tarmac. The plane unloaded onto buses, which drove to the terminal. From there, it was the line for border control which was long but moved quickly. Next, was trying to buy tickets for the “water bus” to the hotel. Of course, American credit cards have gone to the chip, but not the chip and PIN that the rest of the world uses. So that means the kiosk won’t work since a signature is required. Time to find the transportation desk..

Now, off to the 30+ minute line for the “water bus”. It was a scenic eighty five minute ride to the hotel stop. Fortunately, the hotel is only a five minute walk from the stop. We have a nice hotel, Hotel Antigo Trovatore, right in the middle of all the sites.

After checking in, we found our way to a gelato stop and went for a long walk. We didn’t have a plan or use a map but you can’t get too lost since Venice is an island. Since we did not get much sleep on the flights, we grabbed a couple of sandwiches for an early dinner. Dolora sacked out early and I am taking the opportunity to update my albums and journal.

Venice is the most touristy city we will visit. The locals have moved out because of the crowds. Many of the shop and restaurant owners are Eastern European or West Asian. There are crowds everywhere. Tomorrow and Monday, we be visiting the sites.

Venice Album

Food In Italy Album

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  1. Nic says:

    Hi Al!
    You posted some beautiful pictures of Venice! ???

    1. stoffa says:

      Looks like it works!

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