Monterosso – Day One

After breakfast, it was on the bus to the Cinque Terre. I took advantage of the Wi-Fi on the bus, which seems a little faster than the hotels, to correct some of my earlier misspellings and add some info to the photos. Again, traffic on the highway is pretty busy. After the bus ride, it was a five minute train ride to town. From the train station, about a ten minute walk to the hotel, Hotel Punta Mesco. We are staying in Monterosso al Mare. It is the northernmost town of the five towns that make up Cinque Terre. We are now on the west coast in the Italian Riviera.

This afternoon, we wandered around the old town of Monterossa, visited a couple of churches and had some gelato?. I did have a mixed fried seafood cone, a paper cone to-go, filled with the seafood and Dolora had some focaccia before the gelato. There is quite a stretch of beach here, mostly private, where you can rent a chair and umbrella. But there are some public sections as well. Dolora stuck her toes in and said it wasn’t too cold. It’s quite warm in the sun but cool in the shade with no humidity.

Anchovies and pesto are a specialties of this area, So, off to find anchovies and pesto for dinner. La Cantina di Miky for dinner. Calamari, mussels and anchovie antipasto with pesto pasta for Dolora and the anchovie sampler for me. Since we had dessert there, no gelato on the way back.? Dinner plans are set for tomorrow but the rest of the agenda is not. You can see our priorities!?

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