2018 AT – Day Eleven – Zero Day

Saturday, 9 June

Destination: Franklin, NCToday’s Miles: 0
Start Location: Franklin, NC

Woke up around seven on a real mattress with sheets and a pillow. Headed to Kountry Kitchen for eggs , sausage and French toast for breakfast. Real bed, real food, nice start to a zero (rest) day.

Around ten, I walked to the outfitter. This time my big purchases were two freeze dried dinners, some tape for my blisters and a carabiner for my bear bag. Since it was too early for lunch and I could use a haircut, it was off to the barber. A cheese steak and Asian cole slaw at Rockin’ Rollie Lollies for lunch. (The theme of this update seems to be food.) Angie and Therese showed up for lunch as I finished. After chatting with them, it was off for resupply. I did sneak in a soda and some chocolate covered donuts for an afternoon snack.

Most of the folks from yesterday have left except for Justin and one girl. Angie and Theresa are here tonight and another guy so far. Theresa is heading back to New Mexico on Monday. Angie is planning on heading out tomorrow afternoon. Justin is planning on getting back on the trail tomorrow as well.

Not sure what dinner plans are yet but it’s a beautiful afternoon to be sitting in a lounge on the patio. After dinner and a last shower, I’ll pack up tonight. I’d like to get on the trail as early as possible tomorrow.

2018 Appalachian Trail Album

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