2018 AT – Day Twelve – Balds

Sunday, 10 June – Balds

Destination: Cold Spring ShelterToday’s Miles: 15.8
Start Location: Winding Stair Gap

To continue the food theme, last evening, Angie, Theresa, Poul and I went to Motor Company Grill for dinner, a pork barbecue and fries. We stopped at the Lazy Hiker Brewery for a beer before heading back to the hostel.

Zen, the hostel owner, is pretty laid back. When I asked for a shuttle back to the trail at 7:30, he was not too excited. We agreed on eight. I was hiking at eight thirty, a late start for me. I saw three girls at a campsite at the start and no other hikers all morning.

After four miles, there was a side trail to Siler Bald. A bald is a mountain top that is bare of trees. I had a gorgeous 360 degree view. It was worth the extra half mile walk.

The afternoon was little busier with day hikers. I passed an older man, Lee, about a mile from the shelter. A couple, Sunshine and her husband, Captive, were at the shelter. She drags him along, hence his trail name. Lee is also staying in the shelter.

I am tenting about a tenth of a mile north of the shelter at the campsites. We got a little rain as I was setting up and then it stopped enough to cook dinner. I got the bear bag hung just as a thunderstorm ⚡ began. Into the tent to update my plans and journal and then some reading. Looks like I will only be out of the tent for the bathroom.

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