2018 AT – Day Seven – Top of Georgia Hostel

Tuesday, 5 June

Destination: Dicks Creek GapToday’s Miles: 13.0
Start Location: Cheese Factory Site 77.8

Two groups of three hikers went by but no-one stopped. They were headed to the next shelter so I spent the second night alone.  It got windy after the sun went down and cooled.

I was hiking shortly after seven. Started with long sleeves, that lasted ten minutes, and long pants, they were zipped off in an hour. That is what a long climb first thing in the morning will do. The climb up Tray Mountain was tough but rewarded with magnificent views. There are not a lot of views on the trail. Usually morning views are fogged in. I think the wind cleared the views. I only saw one southbound hiker all morning but I did not stop at the shelters since they were off trail. I did see a pair of hikers about a mile before the hostel.

Tonight I’m at Top of Georgia Hostel. I took the shuttle into Hiawassee and did laundry, resupplied, and had a nice Mexican dinner. I was going to do a zero but the weather is nice so I’ll zero in Franklin. Since I get bored on a nero, a town should be better plus there is a chance of rain on Saturday. TOG is really nice with nice owners.

There is a husband and wife, two ladies and a young guy here tonight. The wife has foot problems and they are planning on five to eight miles a day. They want to go another forty miles to Franklin. The young guy has all kinds of problems and has taken two weeks to go seventy miles. I may see the two ladies, Angie and Theresa, down the trail. They are hiking together. Theresa is getting off on Franklin. Angie is hiking until the fourth of July and hoping to get to Damascus. I figure I will get to Damascus about July fifteenth.

The hostel has cereal breakfast at seven and a shuttle back to the trail at eight. Planning on getting to Franklin either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

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