2018 AT – Day Six – Cheese Factory Site

Monday, 4 June

Destination: Cheese Factory SiteToday’s Miles: 13.4
Start Location: Low Gap Shelter 64.8

I was alone in the shelter last night. I heard some folks that I thought were coming in. Either they could not find the shelter or they went on up the trail. The weather forecast was for a thunderstorm. It was pretty dark and windy when I finished dinner. I decided to set my tent up in the shelter since no-one else was there. The tent would keep the bugs away. You are not supposed to set up your tent inside but I figured I would take it down if someone showed up. I really did not want to pack up a wet tent again. Of course it did not rain.

It did cool off overnight. The forecast is for a little cooler weather and no rain until Friday. That is good news.

I was hiking before 7:30. Yeah! Shortly after starting, there was a group of three camped on the trail. I came upon Scout Dad and Will a little later. They were going into town and taking a zero. Not sure if I’ll see them again.

The morning had brilliant sunshine and a nice cool breeze. The trail was relatively flat too. The climbs were saved for the afternoon.

I got into camp around three. There is no cheese factory or traces of a cheese factory at the cheese factory site. Just some nice spots for tents and water nearby. Got my tent pitched and water, planned the next couple of days and getting ready for dinner. No-one else here yet. Maybe another night alone?

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