2018 AT – Day Five – Low Gap Shelter

Sunday, 3 June

Destination: Low Gap ShelterToday’s Miles: 11.5
Start Location: Neel Gap 51.4

I had the hostel to myself last night but still did not sleep well, unfamiliar building noises and motorcycles on the road.

I was up early and ready to get on the trail before 7:30. As I got ready to hike, I looked for my hiking poles and remembered that I didn’t bring them in but left them leaning against a picnic table up by the outfitter. No poles. Guess someone grabbed them after the outfitter had closed. Oh, no!

I waited for the outfitter to open at nine to see if someone had turned them in or if I needed to buy a new pair. Bad news – no-one turned them in. I will be sure to keep track of then the rest of the hike. An expensive lesson. The outfitter made out pretty well, a new pair of Leki hiking poles and a new water filter to replace my malfunctioning one. I also missed getting three miles in during the beautiful, cool morning. Good news – I did not have to hike without poles. Mountain Crossings has a nice selection of gear if a little pricey.

I was finally off at nine with a twelve mile day planned. The morning was breezy and cool. Nice for the climb out of Neel Gap. Glad I did not plan to stay at Whitley Gap Shelter, it is 1.2 miles of the trail. I only ran into a few day hikers and one section hiker.

Temperature got into the high eighties this afternoon. Made it to Low Gap Shelter around three. I made it the whole day with dry feet, then the trail to the shelter was a stream with trees down across it. At least there is water nearby.

No-one else here yet. I am sitting in the shelter updating my journal and plans for the next couple days. The weather forecast has a thunderstorm ⚡ between four and six. I will get my water and planning done before setting up my tent. Not sure I will get as good a night’s sleep in the shelter.

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