2018 AT – Day Twenty One – Halfway

Tuesday, 19 June

Destination: Davenport Gap ShelterToday’s Miles: 14.8
Start Location: Tri- Corner Knob Shelter

Passed the halfway point of my hike today. Two hundred forty of four hundred seventy done. Feeling good and looking forward to the rest as well as getting back home.

Late last night, a hiker that I have seen a few times, Little Dance, came in. He is a young guy with long blonde hair in braids with beads, Indian style. Everyone who sees him assumes he is female. When anyone speaks to him, he does not respond. He is carrying a day pack and a satchel that looks like a large purse. As soon as he gets to camp, he changes into a long hippie type skirt. Instead of a sleeping bag, he uses a couple of plastic space blankets. I have run into him about a half dozen times now. He left early this morning but I passed him a half hour after I started. Wonder if he will show up tonight.

Everyone in the shelter was up early. The Army gang planned on a short day to the closed shelter. The father and daughter were heading in a different direction. Julian was planning on heading to the same shelter. I was hiking at 6:45 in mist and occasional raindrops. The morning views were all obscured by fog.

I did not see other hikers until noon when I crossed a side trail. Then I saw several day hikers. The last four miles were downhill on the sun. It really warmed up. I got to the shelter around two. The shelter has a chain link fence with a gate on the front. Opposite of the zoo, the people are in the cage and the animals are outside. I got water, cleaned up and washed some socks. My shoes and socks smell so bad that I can hardly stand them. It will be Friday before I get a shower and laundry, one week since last time, ugh!

Julian rolled in a bit ago and decided to go four more miles to the hostel since he is catching shuttle from there, in the morning, to catch a flight back to Oregon. A lady with a British accent stopped in for water. So far looks like solo tonight. After all the activity of the last few nights, I am looking forward to a peaceful evening. Looks like a clear night.

Tomorrow, it is four miles to the hostel for a mail drop with food. The hostel does not have a washing machine and gets bad reviews so I do not plan to stay.

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