2018 AT – Day Twenty Two – Out of the Smokies

Wednesday, 20 June

Destination: Groundhog Creek ShelterToday’s Miles: 10.5
Start Location: Davenport Gap Shelter

Well, Little Dance showed up last night around seven. It was just him and I in the shelter. I was out by 6:45, he was still asleep.

I am glad to be out of the Smokies and having to stay only at shelters. The trail immediately improved.

I got to Standing Bear Hostel by nine to pick up my mail drop with supplies. The hostel was a little eclectic. First was the bunk house, next was the office/kitchen connected to the laundry. The laundry was a washboard in the sink with an electric dryer. Next to that was a beer “shack”. On the way in I met Sunshine and Captive again, who were waiting for a shuttle that was running late. Julian was camping near by. I picked up my box and had coffee and a sausage biscuit while I organized. I spoke to Julian again and wished him well with his shuttle to the airport. I was out before ten.

I passed two women with three girls on the way to the shelter and a couple of day hikers. Right before the shelter, I passed an older couple. All are here tonight. A couple of other hikers have come in as well. I’m in the shelter because of the threat of thunderstorms. After a warm day, it is cooling off a bit.

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