2018 AT – Day Twenty Three – Rain

Thursday, 21 June

Destination: Walnut Mountain ShelterToday’s Miles: 13.1
Start Location: Groundhog Creek Shelter

A few items to add from last night. The older couple and a young girl had spent several days at Standing Bear Hostel and actually liked it. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I was happy with just an hour there.

I passed a trail maintainer yesterday afternoon. He was also the Groundhog Creek Shelter caretaker. He stopped by the shelter on his way out. He told us that the Appalachian trail was closed at the Grayson Highlands Park in Virginia. Apparently, someone was hiking with a dog and ran into a bear. The dog and bear got into it and he tried to get the dog and he was injured by the bear. My understanding is that once a bear attacks a human, they kill the bear. So the park is probably closed until they get the bear.

We had a thru hiker come into the shelter after eleven last night. Between that commotion, snoring and people moving all night, I did not get a good night’s sleep. Since I was in the shelter, it did not rain.

I was up and hiking by seven. Most of the folks at the shelter were hiking eight miles today. I planned on thirteen. I climbed Max Patch today. only passed three southbound hikers today. It is a huge bald with a three hundred sixty degree view. I had a pretty good view and took some pics. There were four women here when I got to Walnut Mountain Shelter around two. Three in a tent and one in a hammock.

The shelter is pretty rickety and small. After last night, I decided to tent. I set up my tent and got my water just in time for the rain to start. Snug and dry in the tent, I have been listening to the audio book “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”. It sounds like some hikers have come into the shelter but since it has rained for a couple of hours, I have not poked my head out. I may go down on a little bit to cook dinner or if the rain keeps up maybe have a protein bar for dinner. Yum! Feels like it has cooled off a bit.

At least tomorrow afternoon I will get into Hot Springs, NC, to a hostel for shower and some real food.

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  1. Joel D Roberts says:

    Have enjoyed following your adventures especially your safe encounter with Mama Bear. I recognize many of the places from Rin’s hike. Hang in there! I’ll buy when you get back.

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