2018 AT – Day Twenty Six – Hemlock Hollow Inn

Sunday, 24 June

Destination: Hemlock Hollow Inn – Log Cabin RoadToday’s Miles: 16.3
Start Location: Hot Springs, NC 292.0

My breakfast plans fell through when I found out the diner was closed on Sunday. The other restaurants did not open until eight or later. I picked up some canned peaches and Nutter Butter cookies from Dollar General last night. The diner has homemade cinnamon buns at breakfast.

I was out around seven and walked through a quiet Hot Springs. The trail goes right down the main street. Followed the French Broad River for a while and then headed up. It rained on and off all morning. It was warm enough not to put on a rain jacket. The rain was cooling. I saw a couple of turtles and a doe today. I passed a northbound hiker who was trying to dry out during a break in the showers. Around lunch, I stopped at a shelter and met a father and son who started in Virginia and were finishing in Hot Springs.

I got to the road a few minutes before three and the shuttle showed up five minutes later. Hemlock Hollow Inn is not quite the same as Hot Springs. They have a hot shower. I am in the bunk house. It has ten bunks but there is only one other hiker so far. He has an injured knee and is trying to figure out how to get back home. I will have a frozen pizza for dinner and relax awhile. It has been thundering and lightning ⚡ for about an hour and the rain finally started. At least I will not have to pack up a wet tent.

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