2019 AT – Day Four – Father’s Day

Sunday, 16 June

Destination: Campsite 689.6Today’s Miles: 14.8
Start Location: Laurel Creek Shelter 53.7

No one in the shelter last night. Another warm night. Got hiking by 7:00. Only one big climb today, but the trail is nice. I played LeapFrog with a handful of thru hikers all day. They finally passed me up when I stopped to set up camp.

I had a bit of Trail Magic today. Cell phone coverage has been pretty spotty out here. Around 11, at the top of a ridge, I checked coverage to see the weather forecast. I had a happy father’s day text from Greg. I texted him a thank you and was lucky enough to have a short text conversation.

As I got into camp it had started to thunder. I rushed to set up my tent. It got dark and there were a couple raindrops and then the sun came out. I continued to hear thunder off in the distance. Not bad overall.

I’ve been debating I’m staying at Four Pines Hostel. It has some pretty bad reviews. Although some of the hikers out here say it’s a great place. Originally, I was planning on just picking up resupply and heading out. I think I’ll hit there at the end of the day tomorrow. That puts me a day ahead of my schedule. We’ll see what it’s like.

I’m the only one at this campsite here tonight. Starting to look like that’ll be the case.

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