2019 AT – Day Six – McAfee Knob

Tuesday, 18 June

Destination: Campbell ShelterToday’s Miles: 10.3
Start Location: Four Pines Hostel 78.4

After Dragons Tooth yesterday, it was McAfee Knob today and Tinker Cliffs tomorrow. These are considered the Virginia Triple Crown . The day was much easier and shorter. I needed a short day after four days over fourteen miles. Leaving Four Pines was interesting, stepping over sleeping hikers and spilled cans of beer on the floor. But there was coffee!

I made it to McAfee Knob, the most photographed location on the Appalachian Trail around one. A hiker who stayed at the hostel last night was there. He is from Harrisonburg. We took each other’s photos. I headed down to Campbell Shelter for an early day. I decided to spend my first night in the shelter instead of my tent. The forecast is for thunderstorms overnight. I plan to be in a hotel room tomorrow night and don’t want to log a wet tent. There have been a few very light sprinkles today but it had started to rain a little harder now.

There were a couple of new hikers at the water supply and the hiker from Harrisonburg stopped for a while. So far, just me at the shelter.

2019 Appalachian Trail Album

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