2019 AT – Day Two – First Bear

Friday, 14 June

Destination: Bailey Gap ShelterToday’s Miles: 14.9
Start Location: Campsite 645.3 24.3

Got cool last night. Snapped the quilt and was comfortable. Passed about eight hikers going south. Stopped at a shelter for lunch. Two hikers stayed there who hadn’t left yet. A south bound hiker came in to stay for the night. A north bound hiker from France came in. I headed to Bailey Gap Shelter. A bit later another hiker came in. While we were talking, we saw a small bear near the shelter. It didn’t run when he shouted. The bear headed up the trail. The hiker from France stopped for a bit and kept hiking. The lady from the last shelter showed up and two thru hikers. Hoping we don’t see the bear tonight. I hung my food bag extra high.

2019 Appalachian Trail Album

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