2019 Black Forest Trail – Day Five – Virgin Hemlock

Wednesday, 28 August

Destination: Naval Run Campsite (MM 30.95) Today’s Miles: 5.15
Start Location: Porcupine Hollow (MM 36.1) 38.1

It was comfortable sleeping last night. Woke to a light rain. It continued to rain, sometimes hard all the while Bob and I hiked. It finally started to clear around 2. We started the day with a 500 foot climb, the short Bicentennial Trail to see a pair of virgin hemlocks. Down 300 feet and back up 500 feet. Overall, nicer trail and didn’t seem as steep as yesterday, even in the rain. We passed many vistas today, but they were all clouded up so no real views.

Temperature was about 65 so the rain wasn’t too bad. Bob and I talked after our 5 miles. We were both glad we had one day of rain and not all nice weather. It was not particularly fun or comfortable but with the right equipment, we were warm and dry at the end of the day. It’s not always fun, but it can still be satisfying.

Tomorrow has two climbs of 1,000 feet separated by about four miles. Our current plan (always subject to change) is to hike the first climb then take the Old Cut Off Trail. This saves a thousand foot decent followed by an immediate thousand foot climb with no vistas. This will get us done a little earlier and start the drive home at a more reasonable hour after hiking all morning.

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