2019 Black Forest Trail – Day Three – Enjoying the Solitude

Monday, 26 August

Destination: Old Quarry Vista (MM 1.9)Today’s Miles: 6.05
Start Location: Francis Branch Campsite (MM 7.95) 21.8

Last night was a little warmer. Bob and I took our time since we only planned six miles after ten yesterday. We had a pleasant day, about 70 degrees and mostly sunny. There was one rocky climb of about a half mile. The rest of the day wasn’t too steep. I saw a small snake, maybe 15 inches long, dark with a yellow line down his back. We planned to dry camp at a vista near an old quarry that should give a nice view of the sunset. About a mile before the campsite, we stopped for a long lunch and loaded up with extra water. We found the campsite and put our still wet clothes (from washing yesterday) in the sun to dry. Another hiker, Jeremy, was heading in the other direction. Only the second hiker we’ve seen. Gathered up some firewood for later. Time for a short nap, dinner, camp fire and watch the sunset.

Unfortunately, it clouded over an hour before sunset. No photo ops, only gray sky. At least there are cicadas and crickets tonight.

Today was the halfway point. We are two miles from the general store and our resupply for the rest of the hike. Hope to get there early and find the store open.

2019 Black Forest Trail Album

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