2019 Black Forest Trail – Summary

Incredible weather, even with a full day of rain. After weeks of hot weather, it cooled and made the week comfortable. The Black Forest Trail was well marked and maintained while offering some challenging sections.

Bob and I  only saw four other hikers on the trail and one hiker at a distance. Add this to the dozen or so folks at the general store and the week provided the solitude we were looking for.

Wildlife – one snake, one deer, two grouse, couple of hummingbirds, couple of salamanders, two blue herons, not many other birds, assorted Chipmunks and squirrels.

Great reunion hike. Bob had the right gear and attitude. Only one slip, couple of bee stings. Great pace on the flats and down hills. Took out time on the uphills.

The Black Forest Trail is often described as the most difficult trail in Pennsylvania. These old guys handled it well by going slow and steady.

2019 Black Forest Trail Album

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