2019 Germany – Day One – Dulles to Dublin

Tuesday, 10 September

Well Day One is not really Germany or Dublin. Dolora and I have a scheduled 5:20 flight overnight to Dublin. After a little less than two hour layover, we should be in Munich  at 10:45 Wednesday. A good friend, Joel, is providing taxi service to the airport this afternoon.

For a little background on this trip, in 2017, I hiked about 500 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Most of this hiking was with a lady from Germany, Trail Snail. After completing the AT, Trail Snail, real name Nicole, stayed with Dolora and I for two weeks before flying back to Germany. We have remained in touch and Nicole offered to return the hospitality and show us around Germany.

Dolora and I will spend three days in Munich, then take the train to Kaufbeuren to meet Nicole and Frank. We have no firm schedule but a list of sights put together from our guidebook and their recommendations. Weather and mood will determine what we see. Dolora and I will head to  Salzburg for two days before heading back.

Looking forward to cooler weather and meeting an old friend.

Flight left Dulles on time but arrived in Dublin an hour early. Since Dublin was not expecting the flight this early, we got to spend a half hour waiting for them to open a taxi way so we could get to the gate. After getting to the gate for our connection to Munich, it was on to a bus to another gate where we waited for boarding. After boarding, we were able to see Dublin sunrise out the window. Off to Munich.

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