2019 Germany – Day Fifteen – Starting the Return

Tuesday, 24 September

Dolora and I awoke to better weather today in Salzburg. We ate a leisurely breakfast and returned to our room to pack for our return to Kaufbeuren. It was a nice 20 minute stroll to the Salzburg train station. At the grocery in the station, we picked up a couple of snacks for the train ride. The first leg of the trip from Salzburg to Munchen (Munich) was about 2 hours. We had 13 minutes to get our next train. The Munchen station is pretty busy but we were soon on our way to Kaufbeuren, about another hour.

Nicole was at the station to meet us. Dolora, Nicole and I walked back to her apartment. It was time for some of Nicole’s wonderful coffee. I will be looking for a Bialetti stove-top espresso maker when I get home. We chatted while Nicole did some of her cooking for the week. Frank and his father planned to meet us at five to go to dinner. Frank and his father arrived a little before five, it was nice to meet his father. Frank and his father had spent a few days hiking together in the Tyrol region of Italy. His father spoke no English. We headed over to the Turkish doner restaurant where we had eaten the week before stopping to check into the hotel. After dinner we ate our last ice cream in Germany, tiramisu instead  the usual chocolate for me. After Eight mint for Dolora.

After a short walk back to Nicole’s apartment, we relaxed for a while with some more conversation. Frank and his father left and we said our goodbyes to Nicole shortly after. We invited her to visit us again in the US and I hope to do some scuba diving with her later in the year. Glad to be heading home, sad to have to say goodbye – but a fantastic trip with Dolora and a good friend.

Tomorrow Anna will pick us up at six and deliver us to the airport. Munchen to London, London to Washington.

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