2019 Germany – Day Sixteen – All Good Things Must End

Wednesday, 25 September

Dolora and I were up early today to meet Anna for our ride to the München airport. About 6:30, Anna and surprise, Nicole, showed up. Another quick goodbye to Nicole and we dropped her back off at her apartment. Anna drove us the hour and a half to the airport. It was pretty quiet in the car because of the early hour and Anna’s limited English. We were at the airport around 8. We thanked Anna for driving and said our goodbyes. Off on the first leg of our flight from München to London. We have a 5+ hour layover in London. Heathrow is pretty busy and now we switch from € to £ for lunch, just after I’ve I’ve gotten used to €. Thank goodness for credit cards. I read my first (British) newspaper in over two weeks. It doesn’t look like much changed. I’ve successfully avoided turning on the television for two weeks but have checked some news on the internet.

From London, it is an eight hour flight time. We leave after 5 but land a little after 8, thanks to the differences in time zones. If we can keep from sleeping on the flight, it should make readjusting to the time change a little easier. A good friend, Joel, will be picking us up at the airport for the ride home. I have mixed feelings about returning. It will be nice to be home but we have had an extremely enjoyable two weeks.

Bavaria, Germany was a beautiful place to visit. The scenery was full of cattle farms and green like our spring. Nothing seemed to be run down, everything well maintained. Lots of flower boxes with splendid flowers. The parks had well maintained gardens, even some of the roundabouts. There was very little trash although some graffiti. The Alps provided breath taking scenery and challenging hiking. The food was always good and usually there was ice cream nearby. It is hard to pick a single highlight. There were castles, the Alps, churches, lakes, and spas. There was always friendship.

Nicole provided incredible hospitality and we got to meet Frank and Anna.  Along with being a tour guide, chauffeur, hike guide and translator, Nicole shared her apartment and cooking (especially coffee!). It will be impossible to have a future vacation that is more personalized. Dolora and I are incredibly grateful.

2019 Germany Album

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