2019 Egypt – Scuba Diving Vacation

On 14 November, I will arrive in Safaga, Egypt, to spend two weeks scuba diving in the Red Sea. I will be staying and diving at the Coral Garden Resort. In the late 80s, I made several dive trips to Florida. Gradually, life got in the way of myself and my dive buddies and my dive calling ended or so it seemed.

In 2017, I attempted a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. I did not complete my hike but hiked about 500 miles. Most of that was with a hiker, Trail Snail, that I met at the end of my first week. Trail Snail is from Germany and was taking a year off work. After she completed the trail, she planned to go to Thailand for a month to learn to scuba dive. We occasionally talked about scuba diving while hiking together. When Trail Snail, aka Nicole, completed the AT, she spent a few weeks with Dolora and I before returning to Germany.

Nicole invited Dolora and I to visit her in Bavaria, Germany. Earlier this year, we finalized plans to visit Nicole and her friend, Frank, for a week in September. My journal for that trip is also posted here. While planning our Germany visit, Nicole invited me to meet her in Egypt to scuba dive. Neither Frank nor Dolora dive and the resort is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Well, with a dive buddy that I am comfortable with and a once in a lifetime opportunity, it was off to a scuba refresher class in July. The refresher went well so it is time to start an adventure in Egypt.

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