2019 Germany – Day Ten – Wieskirche

Thursday, 19 September

Today started with a short trip to the grocery, then over to Nicole’s apartment for breakfast. Dolora and I found the morning a little chilly, in the low 40s. After breakfast, we discussed our plan for the day. A visit to Wieskirche, some miniature golf, and possibly a short walk were on the agenda.

Dolora, Nicole and I were off to Wieskirche. Wieskirche, the Pilgrimage Church of Wies, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983. The drive was a little challenging with some roads closed and detours. We arrived and were greeted by music that sounded like wind chimes, turns out it was cow bells (There is a 10 second video in the photo album). Wieskirche has a statue. The church contains a wooden figure of the Scourged Saviour, that was said in 1738 cried tears. A few of the art works are notable. There is a painting of the Blessed Mother holding the infant Jesus with the infant in the position of the crucified Christ. Probably an nicer subject is the photo of Jesus on Judgement Day. In this painting, Jesus sits on a rainbow and not a throne. This symbolizes forgiveness instead of judgment. The church, although beautiful, was in Nicole’s words “a tourist trap”. She was correct as there were several tourist buses coming and going.

From the church, off to a nearby miniature golf challenge. First it was some lunch, coffee and tea and then the tournament began. The course featured many of the local sites and landmarks. There were castles, a slalom ski course and a raft ride among the holes. The decision made early was that the winner bought coffee. Dolora came away the winner with her steady game.

The trip back proved even more challenging. We ran into several detours with Nicole finally giving in to my Google maps. Google sent us on some roads that were unfamiliar to Nicole but we got to see some more beautiful scenery. A stop at the grocery for dinner supplies, and then Nicole made dinner for Dolora and I. Salad with roasted chicken hit the spot along with another German beer. Coffee and dessert ended the day. No ice cream today! The weather was a bit cool and I took care of my chocolate fix with some chocolate pudding and some cookies.

Tomorrow’s plan is to meet Nicole for lunch, giving her to opportunity to visit her gym in the morning. We will be meeting Anna and heading to a thermal spa in the afternoon.

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