2019 Germany – Day Thirteen – Salzburg, Austria

Sunday, 22 September

Today, Dolora and I broke our routine of breakfast at 8:30. Since we were catching a train to Salzburg, we met Nicole at 8:00. We packed what we needed for the next two days in one suitcase and left the other with Nicole. After a hearty breakfast with heavenly coffee, Nicole walked us to the train station. She looked over my shoulder and guided me in buying our tickets to and from Salzburg. The train was only a few minutes late. Since Oktoberfest started on Saturday, there were plenty of women in dirndls and men in lederhosen getting on the train.It was about an hour ride to Munich where we switched trains. The next train took about two hours to arrive in Salzburg.

Dolora and I arrived at Gästehaus Priesterseminar Salzburg before check in time. The hotel is part of the Salzburg Seminary. Rooms have a bible but no television.  Actually, very nice rooms. We dropped off our suitcase and headed into the old town. The crowds are back. Salzburg is having a  St. Rupert festival that ends Tuesday. There are food and beer stands and carnival type rides in all the squares. And lots of people. Since Slazburg is Mozart’s birthplace, there is Mozart everything, candies, statues, museums.  We did wander a few blocks away from the main tourist areas and find it much quieter. After an ice cream, we headed back and checked in. Discussing dinner plans, we picked the restaurant that is a little out of the way, 15-20 minute walk. Many restaurants are closed on Sunday although there are plenty of food options at the festival.

Our dinner choice was Augustiner Braustubl, a 1,000 seat beer garden within a monk run brewery. For your beer, you pick your mug – half or full liter – and wash it out. Then you pay for your beer and take the receipt to get your mug filled. Food is from one of the 6-8 deli counters. I had some BBQ ribs, with baked potato and kraut. Dolora went for the curry-wurst and a pretzel. I did pick up a piece of chocolate raspberry cake on the way out. We walked back along the river then crossed on the pedestrian bridge near our hotel. On the way to our room, we saw a park nearby and headed over there. Grabbed a spot on a bench and enjoyed another wonderful day.

After 12 days without a drop of rain, it looks like tomorrow will bring some precipitation. We will plan our day when we see what it looks like. We do have a Sound of Music bus tour scheduled for the afternoon. The Sound of Music is a uniquely American phenomena. Austrians are not familiar with the movie and don’t understand the interest in it. Relaxing for now.

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