2019 Germany – Day Twelve – Oberammergau

Saturday, 21 September

The usual morning routine, a stop to buy bread and then breakfast at Nicole’s with her fantastic coffee. Today’s plan was to hit a couple of tourist sites in an area that Nicole was familiar with.

The first stop was Oberammergau, The city is famous for a Passion Play that runs every ten years, next in 2020. It is also the site known for woodcarving shops. Dolora, Nicole and I wandered around town checking out the shops and picked up a few souvenirs. Then there was a stop for lunch, pizza and ice cream. The town was scenic with some mountains of the Alps in the background.

After lunch, we were off to Ettal Monastery, just a short drive away. The monastery has a beautiful courtyard an incredible church with a dome 230 feet high. We enjoyed the majesty of the church and drove towards Linderhof Castle. Not so much interested in the castle, we have seen a few this week, but considering a walk through the gardens. Since there was an entrance fee to even see the castle from the outside, we continued into Austria.

Our second trip into Austria was to visit a lake, Am Plansee, where Nicole occasionally used to run. There, we went on a hike along the shore to a smaller lake, Heiterwanger See. We sat in the sun and soaked up another beautiful day in Europe. We finalized our dinner plans and drove in the direction of Fussen where we had dinner again at Nicole’s favorite restaurant, Beim Olivenbauer. This time the Schweineschnitzel for Dolora and Allgauer Zwieblrostbraten Original, steak and cheese spatzle, for me. Nicole had a salad but don’t feel to sorry for her, it was massive.

Tomorrow ends (temporarily) our visit with Nicole. Tomorrow morning after breakfast we take the train to Salzburg, Austria for two nights. We return Tuesday before our flight home on Wednesday.

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