2019 Egypt – Day Eight – Lionfish

Tuesday, 19 November

Awoke to a calm wind and nice sunrise. It was a little cool watching the sunrise but warmed quickly when the sun came up. As I was getting ready to try a little practice of my freestyle, Nicole showed up for her swim. I got in a little practice then went back and showered before breakfast. Another good breakfast but I tried not to eat too much. During my last morning dive, I thought I should have had a smaller breakfast. We made plans for an eight thirty dive.

On the way to get ready for our dive, Nicole met Niko, from my welcome dive, and his wife, Eva. Niko and Eva have two young boys to watch so they do not get to dive together. Eva was looking for a buddy. We made plans to include her. Our dive plan remained unaltered, we planned to enter the water between the North and South reef and swim to a rock we had not visited. From there it would be head north to some more rocks, the Garage and then to the north reef and finally work our way back to shore. The dive was comfortable and Nicole shared her air. She may start charging me for it. I saw my first lionfish. We saw a medium moray eel. Eva enjoyed swimming under and through the garage. Water is still eighty one but feels cool at the end of an hour even with a wetsuit. We made plans to dive with Eva in the afternoon.

After the dive, it was the beach to enjoy the sun. There is a large float in the water towards the other hotel. We swam out to the float and sat there for a bit. A pair of angelfish entertained us for a while. I used the rest of the time to enjoy my reading and a snack.

We met at 1:30 for our afternoon dive. The plan was Eva would lead Nicole and I out the north reef and we would return a little shallower.  We headed out pretty quickly and I used up a bunch of air. Nicole again extended the dive by sharing her air. I do not think she breathes. This dive had lots of lionfish, a big (about a foot) clam and a stonefish. Each time I am out, I am able to see more of the camouflaged creatures. The diversity of animal life on a reef is truly amazing. Niko and Eva dive with a nice camera. Some of their photos are below.

We had something to eat after the afternoon dive and the now routine coffee and cappuccino before catching another episode of Westworld.  We discussed taking a night dive class and signed up. The class includes two night dives. Then it was time for dinner. There was a liver bar tonight along with the pasta bar. The liver was good, cooked with chili oil, onions, tomatoes and green peppers. I did get a chance to talk to Greg and Dolora today. Between the dives and the sun, I am worn out and will get to sleep early tonight.

I think I am the only American here. There were a couple of Brits when I arrived. I think they left a day or two ago. Some of the guests, including Niko and Eva, speak English, along with some of the staff. German and Egyptian are the predominant languages. My Duo Lingo app German lessons have been of very limited help.  The management of the resort is German.  Interestingly, all the signs on the food served at dinner and lunch are in English?

2019 Egypt – Niko & Eva’s Dive Photos

2019 Egypt Album

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