2019 Egypt – Day Fourteen – Octopus

Calm sea in the morning.

Monday, 25 November

This morning was cooler than it has been but still comfortable. Got to the beach around seven and met Nicole. We decided to do a morning dive and see what the afternoon was like. It was over to the the usual breakfast buffet. The only issue with morning dives is that I eat a smaller breakfast before diving, so I am starving by dinner time and either get some lunch or break into my snacks. When we dive later, I can eat a big breakfast and make it until dinner time. I did enjoy the french toast this morning with honey instead of syrup. Fruit and cheese rounded out the meal. There was a little delay getting started.

The morning dive plan was for the south reef. We would head out to the undercut or ledge and then come back slowly and stop at a large rock near out exit. What luck! Shortly after descending, there was an octopus on the sand. We were able to watch it for a couple of minutes. It was amazing. The octopus swam in a sort of crawling motion and then like a squid. You could watch it change colors to look like a rock, blend into the sand or look like a piece of coral on the reef. Colors changed and spots appeared and disappeared. Way cooler seeing it in person than watching the National Geographic specials. The rest of the dive was wonderful as well. At the rock, schools of one color would hide in a coral head and then burst out looking like fireworks going off. They would then repeat this. There were cleaner fish that would even enter the gills of the fish being cleaned, leaving only the tip of their tail sticking out. After a little over seventy minutes, the dive was over.

Spent the afternoon on the beach in the sun and reading, feeling lazy today. Decided no afternoon dive. Coffee before dinner and then off to the buffet. Since tomorrow is our last dive day, the plan is for a morning and afternoon dive. The first dive will be to a couple of small rocks and the “Garage” before heading to the north reef. We will meet at the beach in the morning to finalize our plan.

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